Monday, July 21, 2008

"The race card is a Joker"

I'm with Kathy. There is something terribly thrilling about being called names by people on the left.

Especially the ones who are busy pretending not to be on the left, particularly in the British "pro-life" "movement". The trouble with this country is that its people have become so thoroughly brainwashed that they don't have any idea what their own political positions are. Since being here, I've seen that they are almost completely insulated from other points of view and explaining political ideas to them is like trying to describe water to a fish.

In this space, we've discussed the erosion of meaning of what I've called the Claxon Words. "Racist", "homophobe", "anti-choice extremist", and the now almost completely devalued "fascist", that are among the milder things I've been called over the years as a pro-life activist. But it is as a student of language and culture that the use of these terms by the left as claxons becomes interesting. They are words that have ceased to have any meaning of their own (and in many cases, never had any to start with), and now function entirely as alarms to make sure no one is talking about what we're talking about; reasoned discussion of the points at hand must immediately stop while we clear the room and call in the Haz-Mat team.

Screaming "racist" is the ultimate distraction technique, like yelling "fire" in a theatre when you're having an argument you suddenly realise you can't win.

Kathy writes:
Calling someone a "racist" no longer means a thing, precisely because terrorist sympathizers like El-Mo and his leftwing enablers have overused the word.

A racist is a conservative who's winning an argument with a liberal (or a "progressive" or a Muslim).

That's why I love being called a "racist." It says more about the person accusing me than it does about me.

That is, it indicates that they are brainwashed, lazy idiots who know I'm right, but can't bear the awful truth. And they sense -- correctly -- that most people feel the same way I do, and are just too intimidated to speak up.

Like me, the average person is tired of illiterate losers bitching about "racist words" like "niggardly" and "devil's food cake" or "black holes". And we're really tired of elites trying to get us to feel guilty about making commonsense observations about other people.

The race card is a Joker.

I'm with Kathy. When people call me a "racist" for daring to have an occasional independent political thought, I usually mark my calendar and give myself a point.

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