Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Le Vrai Visage de Marianne la Gueuse

Why has this site been created?

Because today, 200 years after the genocide ordered by the Convention, the official history of France still denies the real facts. Whatever the Republic's hagiographers may think, Marianne [female symbol of the French Republic] was a blood-crazed ogress. "La Gueuse" [the villainous woman] set out to slit the throats of the children she did not consider her own, and thereby encourage others to acknowledge her maternal authority. It was decided that the département of the Vendée should serve as an example to the other insubordinate areas (Brittany, Maine, Normandy, the South of France, etc).And once chastised, it was proposed that the rebellious region would be rebaptised "Vendée-Vengé" [Vendée-Revenge] (see the excellent book of the same title by Reynald Secher).

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