Friday, July 25, 2008

No Guarantees

Warren on the Canadian voting public:

While I unburdened myself last week of my contempt for Canada’s Governess-General, her Chief Justice, her Prime Minister, and other, undesignated officials -- in the affair of what I have come to call the “Order of Morgentaler” -- I’m not sure the people of Canada have yet been sufficiently condemned, and I will devote this week’s column to rectifying that oversight.

On the issue of same-sex marriage -- a proposition put in referenda before many U.S. states and consistently rejected by huge margins -- there was a similar swing. Canadians began totally opposed, were split by the time the “courts had decided,” and by now are, so far as I can see, hugely accepting.

Now, I am a Catholic, and my Church teaches that “despair” is a sin (since it involves the abandonment of hope in eternity). So I opt instead for “desolation,” which is not a sin, merely a psychological response to everything around one being in an advanced state of disintegration. For civilization requires, among other things, a general populace with moral ideas that cannot be altered by the slightest breeze.

Oh David, don't be silly. Christ only guarantees that His Church will survive. He said not thing one about civilization surviving. That's up to us, and we don't care in sufficient numbers.

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