Monday, July 07, 2008

The Future is Finally Starting

and the sides are lining up.

"These are the presenting issues that have made talks necessary, but our concerns go much deeper than these rows to issues of basic doctrine," the bishop said. "I have to be loyal to the parishes in my diocese and to the Gospel and that’s why I felt I had to do something."

Another bishop said: "The internal pressure of the Anglican communion has pushed us apart and we’re committed to greater unity with Rome. There can be no future for Christianity in Europe without Rome." For many this understanding has grown with Pope Benedict's election


Zach said...

Ah, if only! I'll believe it when I see it.

Damien Thompson notes the concern "that the liberal English Catholic hierarchy will throw a spanner in the works.

On the other hand...

The Pope's closest advisers are not in a mood to allow the bishops the same freedom this time. They are already cross at the poor English response to the Motu Proprio liberating the Latin liturgy - and have conveyed their displeasure to the relevant bishops in no uncertain terms.

I'll just bet.


Anonymous said...

Zach, you are not allowed to comment on Anglican issues.

It's a new rule. I've just decided.

No Zach comments on Anglo stuff at O's P.

Why? Because it just annoys me too much.

I realise that in many circles, that would be considered a big plus, but we're here, and it's my bubble, and my rules.


Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

And don't you give me any of that wide eyed innocent stuff by private email either. You know that your Anglican thing drives me nuts.

You're not allowed to be on my side about it. That's another new rule:

No Zach Frey being on my side about Anglican stuff.

Anglicanism is bad. It's a lie. and you don't get to try to confuse me by coming in here and being all, 'oh yeah, sure would be great if Anglicans all became Catholics , wouldn't it?'.

I have a delicate brain and I have to keep it unmuddled. Stop muddling me.

Zach said...

Mea culpa. I am muddled enough myself that it's hard to not share sometimes. :)

I reserve the right to say "there, happy now????" if and when that great romantic dream of Anglo-Catholic reconciliation ever happens, and until then, I'll try not to hurt your brain any more.