Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Why can't I have everything I want all the time?!

This is the last one. There were only 19 episodes.

Dammit! but life is unfair sometimes! Damn damn damn!

What other show on earth ever had the line, "Don't you dare use the word 'party' as a verb in this shop!"

The series revolves around Bernard's loathing of the outside world and the people who inhabit it. Bernard displays little enthusiasm or interest in retail (or, indeed, anything outside drinking, smoking and reading) and refuses to interact with the outside world. Many episodes are driven by Manny and Fran's attempts to force him into a more socially acceptable lifestyle. However, as they themselves are remarkably ill-equipped to interact with the world outside the shop, their efforts usually result in chaos, sucking them back into Bernard's nihilistic view of the world.

The series is notable for its surreal and off-beat sense of humour, particularly when regarding the state of the shop; it is frequently depicted to be in an unhealthy state of dirtiness, with sea-water molluscs living on the water pipes and, when it is in a particularly bad state, dead badgers blocking the way.

Misanthropy, grammar and dead badgers!


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Anonymous said...

Yes - Black Books is the best televisual comedy ever, ever, ever. We have all the episodes on DVD, and watch them over and over again - they have the power, which only great comedy has, to become funnier with repeated viewings.