Saturday, July 05, 2008

It makes them screech and shrivel up

Damein Thompson says:

Pope Benedict may require priests to say the words of consecration in Latin at all Masses, including those celebrated in the vernacular.

Of course, it's to solve the old "pro multis" chestnut. Damien blathers on a bit to explain it to the plebs, then,

If the words of the consecration are always spoken in Latin in the Roman Rite, then although the problem does not go away it is at least removed from the Eucharistic prayer. As I say, it's just a rumour, but it strikes me as a neat solution. Liberals won't agree, needless to say, because it will mean hearing the dreaded Latin language at even the dreariest Tabletista liturgy.

I've seen it. They go all wiggy and start making noises like courting cats and fall on the ground and flail about.

Then they sort of implode.

It's a little gross.

Safety tip:
Now you know what to do if you're ever attacked by one..."Suscipiat Dominus sacrificium de manibus tuis ad laudem, et gloriam nominis sui..."

But its important to remember to start immediately. Do not under any circumstances wait long enough for them to start using their paralysing talking venom on you or you'll be rendered powerless.

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