Monday, July 28, 2008



What are all you people doing here?!

The site stats were supposed to go back down to normal after Binky stopped linking to me.

Aren't there any good bloggers out there to read? What? is everybody else on vacation or something? Look, go away. For your own good. Everyone knows I'm dreadful and wicked and nasty. I'm addicted to blasphemous rock n' roll and punk rock music. I have undesirable political views. I laugh at the jokes on Boston Legal without the slightest moral qualms.

I smoke cigarettes for Pete sake!

You guys are creeping me out. Stop looking at me.

Don't make me stage my own death!


Histor said...

I'm here out of puzzlement. What's an Englishwoman doing liking Nirvana? I thought the English were all into the Sex Pistols and Oasis and stuff like that.


Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

I'm an equal opportunity blasphemer.


and I grew up on the West Coast (of Canada) where Nirvana was the bomb.

Michael B. said...

Dear Miss White,
I'm afraid it's your fault I'm here. NLM linked to your blog when they posted your photos of the pilgrimage in Wales. Orwell in the blog's name made me want to take a peek, he is one of the few 20th century socialists with intellectual integrity.

You have introduced me to some interesting things I never would have known, mostly about Canada and England (I grew up in Detroit, and watched CBC growing up, but that was quite a few years ago). Thank you.

I am a married Catholic father of four, who directs a Gregorian Chant schola in Michigan. I hope you don't mind if I drop in to see what you've posted.

I noticed in your archives that you don't blog about religion anymore, but may I recommend a blog I recently discovered? It's very good:

While I'm imposing, here's a poem to recite while walking in England in place of those wretched Nirvana lyrics: The Rolling English Road (which you probably know all about, but there it is.)

With hopes of taking the creepy voyeur part out of the internet, and with best wishes,
Michael B.

J D Carriere said...

Stage your own death? Is that what you're doing? In the belly of an octopus, is it?

Now I see.

Anonymous said...

On the right had side, underneath a picture of a dyspeptic wigged man,
I read:
"...not yet exhaused;"

Anonymous said...

Really now. Your blog is truly the most interesting. Caustic, yet charming. Dreadfully wicked, yes, but you remind us a little of ourselves. Hell, I even think I'm British when I read your blog. Don't go away!

Anonymous said...

It's, "for Pete's sake". If you're going to get all slangy, at least do it correctly. Fr. T.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Thank you father.

Just for the sake of identification: are you the Fr. T who likes to make peanut butter cookies?

Anonymous said...

Your blog is excellent so I refuse to leave!

DP said...

You really want to get her goat, suggest a group hug.

Anonymous said...

Just because I have made peanut butter cookies doesn't mean that I "like" making them. So, I'm not the priest who "likes" making peanut butter cookies at all. I'm the other one, if that makes any sense. I remember also that my cookies generally got rave reviews, except from one or maybe two more caustic sorts, whose opinion was in fact closer to my own and no less appreciated for all that. Fr. T.T.