Wednesday, July 30, 2008

As if we needed any more

Richard McBrien, brave defender of helpless secularists, comes up with one more reason to think Paul VI was the worst pope in history.

The encyclical, issued on July 25, 1968, was entitled, Humanae Vitae
("Of Human Life"). The negative reaction was so severe and widespread
within the Church (even national episcopal conferences greeted it
without enthusiasm) that Paul VI vowed never to publish another encyclical,
and he did not --- for the remaining ten years of his pontificate.

So, faced with a global crisis of morals and faith, Paul VI went off and sulked for ten years because people didn't like what he said.


Meanwhile, the world went mad without a peep from Pope Miseriguts until we got a rock star to replace him.

Is it any wonder..?