Thursday, August 07, 2008

Xeno's Ecumenism

Damian again:
My guess (and it's no more than that) is that Kasper's "new Oxford movement" is supposed to gather together mildly liberal Anglican Catholics who - having thought again about women priests - are prepared to get back on the slow, jargon-strewn road to ever-closer union.

I've finally figured out what ecumenism reminds me of.

Xeno's Paradox. "Ever-closer union", endlessly splitting the remaining distance between the Anglos and the Catholics.

The process, as Ezra would say, is the punishment.

I understand there are some twisted individuals, who for some reason remain ungoverned by the psychiatric health care system, who like meetings. They thrive on them. I met a few when I worked in an office. We had a weekly staff meeting which I usually spent suppressing the urge to chew off my own foot to escape. But there were people there who showed no sign of discomfort whatever. They liked meetings. They liked talking about what they were planning.

Ugh! I have to stop writing about it now because the urge is coming back.


Dad29 said...

The process, as Ezra would say, is the punishment.


Better punishment now than in afterlife, eh?

THAT'S why Kasper does this?

Anonymous said...

I liked the comment about "endlessly splitting the remaining distance"

but, just to split a hair, it was Zeno's paradox

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

I've seen both. It's Greek, so it isn't supposed to be written in Latin script anyway.