Thursday, August 14, 2008


Steve Skojec: "Hey, you guys should all go over to Inside Catholic."

HJW: "Why?"

SS: "Shea's being an ass over the Trad-bashing thing again."

HJW: Yaaaaawnnn


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Anonymous said...

This is of the things I really like about being a trad:

Every single mistake you and you friends make, EVERY...SINGLE... ONE, will be held against you and the trad movement forever. And ever. And ever. It will be taken as a more or less definitive reference on the trad Mass, and all trads. "Mistakes" made by those who do not like the trad movement are of no releveance to the fundamental goodness of the New Mass, and the New Church. They aren't really happening anyway. And the early Chirstians weren't like that. And you are a whiner for protesting.

Actually, I don't really like this all that much.