Friday, August 29, 2008

Bang or Whimper?

Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen.

Hurry though, because the House is closing down for the night.

A long night.

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Zach said...

For a less bleak thought, Mr. Stirling has pointed out before (at Dale's place) that there are two trends which will tend to work against the establishment of EUrabia:

1. The most very recent numbers show that the birth rate of immigrants (yes, even the "Asian" ones) are dropping like a rock, and will soon match native levels.


2. Those native Euros having kids at all are having families with lots of sibs, which is a good predictor of how fertile the next generation will be. So... "think of it as evolution in action."

So maybe, just maybe, we don't have to write off truffles and good wine. Just yet, at least.