Thursday, August 28, 2008


"little town of the fishes or little fortress of the fish" or "Tenby" has been a fishing town since at least the 9th century, but archaeologists have found remains of humans and their tools dating back 40,000 years in the area.

Had a wonderful time. And the big scary shiny thing in the sky, hardly ever came out to bother us.

I liked the beach best.

from the north beach towards the harbour and the castle.

fisherman's chapel on the harbour

and the 13th century defensive walls were pretty cool

view through the arrow slots in the wall

Tenby castle, first built in Norman times and mostly destroyed by the time of the Civil War.

St. Catherine's Island, with its Victorian prison and holy Caldey Island in the distance.

More castle and pretty pastel coloured houses of Tenby.

Castle beach and city walls.


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