Monday, August 11, 2008

Flash! Wolves Eat Sheep

From Damian Thompson on the closure of St. John's parish in Allerton Bywater:

"...none of the priests whose churches are being closed in the Pontefract Deanery ... were actually told about about this in person, either by the bishop, Vicar General or anyone else in the diocesan curia. No, instead they were called to an area Deanery meeting and given a DVD, featuring the bishop as presenter, announcing the closures.


...Whatever issues he may have with Fr Mark, to completely ignore a united parish is absolutely scandalous.

... Indeed, people travel from outside the diocese because of the reverent forms of Mass and sound Catholic teaching - the latter actually convinced a friend of mine also from York, to convert to the church a few years ago.

"Sound Catholic teaching"?!

Well, there's your biggest problem right there.

What I don't get is why are people still being surprised and scandalised by these kinds of things? Why don't you expect the wolves to eat the sheep?

They're wolves. That's what wolves do.

It is greatly puzzling to me why anyone expects any member of the Magic Circle to behave like a Catholic. It is amazing to me that it still seems not to have sunk in that the men in charge of the Catholic Church in this country are not our friends. The worst sin you can commit in their eyes is Catholicism. There is no one, not the Labour government, not the homosexualist activists, not the National Secular Society, not Richard Dawkins or the BBC, more interested in stamping out Catholicism than these men.

I don't get what's so hard about this to figure out.

The "Betrayal of Loyal Catholics"?

Welcome back from your forty year long vacation on the moon.

Though I have to say, making the announcement on a DVD is one of the most creatively craven acts of episcopal spinelessness I've yet encountered. I think Bishop Roche should get some recognition for creative cowardice.

The See of Westminster, perhaps.

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Randall Gough said...

As a recent convert from Anglicanism here in Canada I know all about the wolves, even those disguised as shephards and their propensity to devour sheep. I came to Catholicism knowing that there were still wolves but believe me, the sheep stand a better chance on this side of the Tiber.