Friday, August 29, 2008

...and on that cheery note...

how about a little poetry?

An update from the Idylls of the Ring series:

The Plain of Rohan (after the style of William Blake)

"I draw my sword, by Elves remade."
"I bend my bow, of Lorien bole."
"I swing my axe, O Orc-heads, roll!"
"We arm ourselves with shaft, dart, blade!
We will pursue, though dark the sky,
The trail across the horsemen's lands,
Till we have caught the Uruk-Hai,
And snatched the hobbits from their hands."

The author notes: "I modified the rhyming scheme in the first half (ABBA instead of ABAB): this was to put Aragorn first, of course."

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Zach said...

I like it. As fate would have it, I had re-read that very portion of The Two Towers the morning you posted this.