Friday, August 01, 2008

"absolutely null and utterly void".

When the flirtatious gap-toothed cardinal says the affair is over,
you know it's over.

In a well-attended closed session at the conference at the University of Kent University, Canterbury, Cardinal Kasper said relations between the two churches are now deeply compromised. He urged bishops to consider their shared inheritance, which he said was 'worthy of being consulted and protected'.


the Cardinal said: "Although our dialogue has led to a significant agreement on the idea of priesthood, the ordination of women to the episcopate blocks substantially and finally a possible recognition of Anglican orders by the Catholic Church."

He continued: "We hope for the continuation of a theological dialogue between the Anglican Communion and the Catholic Church, but the latter development directly undermines our goal and alters the level of what we pursue in dialogue".

Ah, actually your Eminence, it's been "blocked substantially" for 112 years.

I know that things in the Vatican bureaucracy move slowly, but this seems absurd. For some reason, this information has failed to get to the desk of the Cardinal.

For decades Cardinal Kasper has been teasing and flirting with the Anglicans, going to their little tea n' triangle sandwich parties, making moony eyes at them, telling them how nice they look in their frocks...

In another context, we might be inclined to label this sort of behaviour as "leading the girl on".

Clearly, however, Papa has finally put his foot down. It's been ages (26 years, to be precise) since daddy has had anything to say, and the poor girls are probably stricken. And who wouldn't be, to discover that one's ardent suitor John Cardinal Willoughby turned out to be a mere flirt.

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Zach said...

You have such a ... colourful ... way of outlining the situation.

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