Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sounds familiar.

Levant is a brash conservative provocateur in a nation of smug liberal wimps. He has been making enemies for almost all of his 36 years, and they'd savor [sic] his ruination.

Ezra is still fighting that Giant, and even though he has cut one head, there are 17 still coming.

Kathy's got a thing in the American Spectator about it.

Two years later, with violence breaking out worldwide over mediocre drawings of Mohammed, Levant chose to reprint them in his Western Standard, assuming his publication would be one among many to do so.

He turned out to be wrong about that. Levant wrote that he expected the fortnightly magazine to be behind the curve but "As we came closer to our production deadline, it dawned on us that no large-circulation publication and no TV station in the country had done so, and none would."


Canada's Human Rights Commissions (HRCs) were established in the 1970s to address case-by-case discrimination in housing and employment. However, they eventually began silencing citizens who questioned the new Trudeaupian vision of Canada: multicultural, pacifist and blindly tolerant -- of liberal views, that is.

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