Saturday, August 16, 2008

The English Reformation was a Crime Against Humanity

Bit bored today. Tried to take a nap, but kept waking up cause I couldn't breathe properly. Always happens when the weather shifts to damp.

What do you do?

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The so-called English Reformation, and Acts of Supremacy
and Settlement, were the original disasters that have
resulted in the current calamitous state of decay and
degradation suffered by the British nation. It was one of
the great calamities of western civilisation and the
errors of the English Reformation have infected the whole
of the formerly Christian world.

England was known as one of the most devoutly Catholic
nations on earth, Mary's Dowry, the home of one of the
four great pilgrimage shrines of Christendom, Walsingham
and her Catholicism was the reason she was called "merrie".

Henry and his usurper, tyrant, bastard daughter destroyed
the native English religion and the entire social order.
They replaced it, out of greed and demonic lust for
power, with a state-sponsored tyranny and state theft on
an unprecedented scale. They installed a totalitarian
police state in which the common people were bullied,
priests and devout laymen murdered, the welfare of the
people abandoned by the destruction of the monastic system
and the robber barons fattened on the lacerated backs
of Christ's poor.

What has replaced it has been five hundred years of denial
and a tea-party quasi- religion that has finally
collapsed under the weight of its own internal contradictions
and self-deceptions.

Thanks to Henry and Elizabeth, England has been a state of
denial for centuries in which none dare to love God or
ask questions about Truth.

Restoration of the Catholic Faith is the only choice now
between total social collapse and a new tyranny of
relativistic secularist dictatorship.

Free the English people: Bring Back the True English Faith.

Pray to Our Lady of Walsingham, Queen of our islands.

One commenter has already offered:
Q: A bit harsh, don't you think?


Looming Islamicisation is only the latest in a series of conquests of national character to which the British are doing a slow surrender. As charming a people as they have always been, one begins to wonder if it was Churchill who was the freak and Chamberlain who was embodiment of the national soul. I grieve for this nation which I have regarded as a second home (even as I stuff cheesy St. Joseph medals into secret corners of their most valued Anglican [occupied] sacred real estate -- bwahahahahaha!!!!). Thank God they were subjected to a Churchill-mandated reverse spinectomy when the Barbarians were at the gate in '39, but sadly the relapse is almost complete. Our Lady of Walsingham, get out your bitter withy!


Anonymous said...

just finished reading "A History of the Protestant Reformation in England and Ireland " by (the Protestant)William Corbett.The atrocities he relates are truly shocking and his tone isn't alot different from Hillary's

Anonymous said...

hmmm.....can't find the face book group.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

it's linked.