Friday, August 08, 2008

Sharpen up those claws

OK to re-enact this scene, make sure you pitch your voice as high as it will go, take a deep breath and let go with the loudest, shrillest shriek you can muster:


Naturally, a single blast on the Harpie-Call isn't enough. Personally, I find the sight of women's boobs disgusting. It's why I don't go to public swimming pools. I'm really just not too keen on anything that involves dangling pendulous body parts and excretions.

Here are some comments that should get em shrieking.

Though I approve of breastfeeding on health grounds, I think it should be done discreetly. I think a lot of these ultra-keen breastfeed-anytime-anywhere types are closet exhibitionists who enjoy whipping 'em out in public. Much like teenagers who like to grope and french-kiss each other on buses, they enjoy the reaction.

Besides which, a baby young enough to be breastfed is too young to be taken to stores, restaurants, theatres etc. It's not good for them to be exposed to so many people and germs, and their constant screaming and pooping (babies excrete when they nurse) is annoying to others. But that, I suspect, is the whole point..

...Still, I'm sick to death of the government regulation of private business. A store should be able to set their own policies; if you don't like it, don't shop there - boycott them. Example: Chapters practises banning certain books; therefore, I won't shop there anymore. I'm not going to cry to the government about it.

What I want to know is: was her boob in plain view? If it was, then shame on her. That is disgusting. If not, and she was covered up properly, then no big deal. Why do some people have to get so friggin militant all the time? My rights! My rights! What about my right not to see a big boob hanging out??

and my favourite:

I'll probably piss off a lot of mums. But I think nursing in public is gross.


Anonymous said...

Relax, in a few more years we'll all have comfie burqas and no one will have to see any nasty babieses. - Karen

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

It's not the babies, it's the boobs.

Anonymous said...

They go together, like rama lama lama lama lama
keding kadong - Karen

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...


another great reason women, especially mothers, belong at home.

Anonymous said...

Actually, unless they come on New Guinea cannibal lady lectors, I'm rather partial to them.

~ Belloc

Anonymous said...

Upper class ladies belong at home, but I am a peasant and therefore needs must display my bosom as I nurse my child while going about the business of my feudal lord and lady. That's the Catholic way to do things - otherwise, burqas. - Karen

Anonymous said...

I quite enjoy the sight of breasts. Possibly that may be a subterranean motivation for some people to display them, babies or not. Why not get one of those swaddling cloths and put it over your shoulder. You could let other mothers perhaps and such people who think babies feeding are cute have a peek, yet exclude oglers and property rights advocates from overstimulation. No one objects to the sight of me feeding my baby, but no one is particularly excited by glass bottles either. If I took my shirt off to do this (exposing my hairy yet sculpted chest, and women nearby to swoon) there might be some justification for concern on the part of the shopkeeper.

M. Alexander said...

Nursing in public versus nursing in Church- 2 totally different things.