Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I, me, mine

It really does say everything that needs to be said about Novusordoism, doesn't it?

"I looked all around for the tabernacle in the dim light," the Congregation of Jesus nun admitted to UCA News, "but all I could see was a small ceiling fan, a tube light and a gigantic mirror on a wall."

The sari-clad nun, 32, began wondering why the room did not even have a crucifix, but then her eye caught a black, wooden sign above the two-square-meter mirror. Written on it were the English words "God within" and a phrase in Sanskrit, "Aham brahmasmi (I am God)."


Anonymous said...

Hilary, the link takes one to an article in the Independent about the 'homophobic' exhumation of Cardinal Newman's bones.

Admittedly the article literally made my jaw drop, but it wasn't the story you quoted.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

link fixed