Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Well, as long as the government retains control,

So, Gordon, any news on when your train leaves?

I'm sure I will continue to feel "safe and secure."

And after all, it's only going to be used to control organized crime and terrorism. Naturally I wouldn't dream of implying that the government would be ignoring civil rights for no good reason. Or for some reason other than the stated ones.

Prime minister says phone-tap evidence will be allowed in British courts
February 6, 2008
LONDON: British prosecutors will be able to use phone-taps as evidence in courts for the first time under proposals to improve complex investigations into terrorism and organized crime, Prime Minister Gordon Brown said Wednesday.

Brown said a seven-month review by former senior civil servant John Chilcot recommended lifting the ban on the use of secretly intercepted private communications for a limited number of cases — despite concerns from intelligence chiefs who fear their techniques could be compromised.

Prosecutors can currently use recordings or transcripts from bugs secretly installed in homes and cars — or covertly recorded face-to-face conversations between suspects and undercover officers.


"The use of intercept in evidence characterizes a central dilemma we face as a free society — that of preserving our liberties and the rule of law, while at the same time keeping our nation safe and secure," Brown told lawmakers.

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