Friday, February 08, 2008

...but he's right, of course...

So– barring a serious infusion of reality, courage, Christianity, and democratic spine, the Archbishop of Canterbury may well be right: in fact, with sharia-friendly banking, the banning of books, and welfare for polygamy, sharia is already taking over parts of the UK. Unless England, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and other threatened countries stand for their own history, democracy, and civilizational principles, they will suffer further trouble, divisions, and conflict.

Within the immigrant communities themselves, moderates are betrayed by gutless Western officialdom and media, and by fear and silencing within their own community. Muslim communities at home and in the West suffer the greatest oppression by the fundamentalist minorities in their midst. It’s beyond ironic that many of them– who came to the West to live in peace and prosperity– have found the nightmare of Islamism arising in their midst, with much of the politically correct West unable and unwilling to respond and stand tough.

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