Monday, February 18, 2008

A taste of their own medicine

People seem pretty exercised about this:
Will Muslim call to prayer ring out over Oxford?

Local residents, clergy and now the head of the Church of England have been drawn into a debate over a proposal from the Central Oxford Mosque to broadcast a recording of the call to prayer, or Adhan, from its minaret over loud speakers..."We are very angry that they are presuming to inflict this on a non-Muslim community," Allan Chapman, a historian at the university and a local resident who described himself as a practicing Christian told Reuters.

"We see this as an attempt to impose Islam on a Christian-culture community," he said.

Some rather straightforward prose is offered in response:

Islam, with its blank, blind, envious hatred of anything other, or greater than, itself, its sadistic stamping out of music, art and sculpture, its murderous hostility toward all freedom of thought or of conscience, its abominable union of spiritual, physical, political and domestic tyranny and slavery, has no place in Oxford, no place at all.

I would understand perfectly, if this hideous proposal of amplified blarings of the adhan goes ahead, were some infuriated citizens of Oxford to someday give the Mohammedans a taste of their own medicine - and burn the infernal mosque to the ground, loudspeakers and all.

But I've got a better idea and one that will get no one arrested.

Using the methods of the terrorists, get a group of people together in Oxford with mobile phones and give them access to the bells in all the towers and all the churches that can still be manually operated.

At the moment the muezzin starts wailing, start ringing every bell in every church and college in the city. Keep going until you have drowned him out completely. Keep it up, (and pressure on the city council) until the local authorities get the message to change the noise ordinances.

Won't take long for the papers to pick it up and make a huge fuss.

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