Sunday, February 17, 2008

Face it hippies

The counter revolutionaries have won.

It was demographics really. They're spiritual contraceptors. They spent their lives telling everyone who agreed with them that there was no point in being a Catholic. So it only makes sense that the only people left in the Church are the people who rejected their revolution. Us, in other words, the believers.

They've just been so busy for the last forty years sawing off the branch they've been sitting on, they haven't looked up to notice that they're the only ones sitting on it.

Terrible news for English bishops trying to block the use of the ancient Latin
liturgy liberated by Pope Benedict: a Vatican letter leaked today
confirms that all seminaries will be instructed to teach students how
to celebrate what used to be known as the Tridentine Mass.

The contents of the leaked letter augur well for the Roman Rite

The letter, published on Fr Z’s magnificent blog, is from the pontifical
commission Ecclesia Dei. It is signed by the secretary of the commission,
Mgr Camille Perl, and reveals that the forthcoming clarification of the
Pope’s Motu Proprio will require seminaries to teach both the ancient and
revised forms of the Roman Rite. Cue gnashing of teeth from the doddery
trendies who run most seminaries in the English-speaking world.

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