Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Funny, that crocodile still seems to be hungry

no matter what we throw in its maw.

"Rabbi Rosen, while saying he was pleased that language he found offensive was removed, objected to the new prayer because it specified that Jews should find redemption specifically in Christ."

Really?! You mean appeasement doesn't work?

Who knew?

Y'see, it's not actually the whole "perfidis" or "veil from their hearts" thing that bugs them. It's that the Church dares really to believe what we profess to believe, and out loud and in public. Horrors!

As long as we keep believing that we're right, the world is going to hate us.

Don't we get it?

We're supposed to be good dhimis and hang our heads in shame for our wicked exclusivist ideas.

Kenneth J. Wolfe, a columnist for the traditionalist Catholic newspaper The Remnant, said traditionalists would have preferred no change at all.

Mr. Wolfe said that the change “rattles the cage of traditionalists” and that it would probably make more difficult any rapprochement with traditionalist groups like the Society of St. Pius X, which rejects the Second Vatican Council and has appointed its own bishops.

Well, it is the New York Times, after all. That bastion of objectivity and devotion to the un-spun truth.

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