Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lefties - Irony-challenged

"One of the strangest things about Richard Warman’s threatened lawsuit against me is his complaint that I dare to call him litigious and a censor. It’s strange because it’s so obviously a fair comment, based on the facts of his track record. But the really weird part is that he doesn’t see the irony in it. I mean, demanding that I censor my comment that he’s a censor? Or threatening that he’ll sue me because I say he sues a lot?

Not that strange, actually.

I've often noted that one of the things the southpaws and the Islams have in common is a total inability to grasp irony. Especially about the things they do themselves.

Has a lot to do with their lack of a sense of humour and utter inability to self-criticise,

which in turn, is, I am told, a common symptom of psychosis.

The evil and insane are not a cheerful or funny lot.

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