Thursday, February 07, 2008

Archbishop Goes Bonkers in Public

It's just so hard to figure out where to begin with this one, it's so far out there. But Ruth Gledhill takes a stab at it.

Has the Archbishop gone bonkers?
Forgive the stark clarity of my headline, but sometimes when writing about the Archbishop of Canterbury, clarity is what is needed. I ask this of readers here, because this is the question put to me time after time this afternoon by incredulous commentators of every variety, stunned into blunt expression by the Archbishop of Canterbury's uncharacteristically clear comments on Sharia in Britain.


The Archbishop has staked everything on trying to maintain unity in his own Anglican Communion. At the same time, he is advocating a policy that could only fragment the society around him.

I looked at some of the comments on the BBC website after two hours of the story being posted and there were about ten pages worth. I didn't see a single one that supported the idea.

At least it certainly does show that we've been right thus far about the ideas behind modern "liberalism", that it is more attuned with, more sympathetic to totalitarianism than with anything like democracy.

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