Friday, February 08, 2008

Furore still furing with the dawn

and all night, if you count Australia.

Poor old Rowan, with his leg still shifted half way down his throat, it does appear Damien Thompson was right, it's not looking good for his future. And with just enough time for the Africans to kick up a holy ruckus for Lambeth.

Still, way to make the front page of every paper in the country. Good for you!

(Except the Daily Mail, my favourite paper, that is helpfully pointing out that Hamza the Hook is finally being booted out of England. So that's OK.)

The Sun: “What a Burkha”.

The Daily Express: "Muslim Laws Must Come to Britain: Fury at calls for Sharia courts"

The Guardian: "Uproar as archbishop says Sharia law inevitable in UK"

Sundry quotes:

* ~ If ever the was sign that beneath the religious panoply a common British identity exists we have yet to see it.

* ~ Poor Rowan. A good man who's gone stark staring mad. If you gave him a pearl-handled revolver and a decanter of whisky he'd swallow the revolver and hit himself over the head with the dacanter.

* ~ At least Dr Williams has opened the debate (quite spectacularly) and exposed the barefaced hypocrisy of the present government.

New Labour has already permitted Shari’a principles to be applied to Muslims and not to other British citizens. While the Prime Minister’s spokesman insisted that ‘British law would be based on British values’, he admitted that concessions had already been made in specific instances, such as a relaxation of the law on stamp duty to avoid it being paid twice when Shari’a-compliant mortgages were used. And husbands with multiple wives have been given permission to claim extra welfare benefits following a year-long review, and this will lead inexorably to different pension rights and exemption from death duties. Once the Government recognised and legitimised polygamy, it is only a matter of time before legislative creep demands further accommodating exemptions.

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