Thursday, February 07, 2008

But he's got such a nice voice

I just had the dubious pleasure of listening to the BBC interview and I think I can confidently state that Dr. Williams is barking mad.

Religious-based legal system he said, “is not something that is peculiar to Islam.” Williams mentioned orthodox Jewish courts “not to mention how the consciences of Catholics, Anglicans and others who have difficulty about issues like abortion are accommodated within the law.”


Um how exactly is the pro-life point of view "accommodated" in British law?

OK, I'm trying to suss out what he means (I know, I must be careful not to try too hard, lest I hurt my poor self.)

So, as far as I can figure, British law "accommodates" the pro-life views of "Catholics and others" in two ways, neither of them very positive.

Since the pro-life position says, essentially, not to do something, the British legal system "accommodates" that by not trying to make us do it. In other words, British law does not force Catholics to have abortions.

The second way is simpler. It "accommodates" the pro-life position by allowing it to be expressed in public. We have not begun to be arrested (yet) for saying, "you can't kill people to solve your problems."

That's it.

Is there something else His Lordship had in mind? Because I really can't think of any other way in which the pro-life position is "accommodated" in British law.


Anonymous said...

'Difficulties' about abortion? Makes us sound like we're mildly retarded! In any case, where was this 'accommodation' when the repulsive SOR was passed?

Oh, right...

Anonymous said...

And whichever way the (pseudo)adults "accommodate" abortion, lets just praise the Lord that He accommodates that poor aborted infant; the infant that He knit together in its mother's womb.