Friday, February 08, 2008


So, I took a little day trip down to Whitchurch the other day to do a bit of shopping. I'm looking around for some nice rugs for my sitting room. The stone tiles are lovely but cold. I'm hoping to find a nice rag rug or braided rug, something that would be "in keeping" (as they say) with my nice antique cottage. I didn't think I'd have much luck in a new carpet shop, but thought I'd inquire, just in case they had an idea.

I spoke to the shop owner and he shook his head rather sadly. "There was a lady locally who used to make them, but she said it wasn't viable with the European competition and all the new regulations."

"What's happened to this country?" I asked.

"It's been sold."

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Anonymous said...

So where's the pottage? I mean, if we've been collectively sold out of our birthright in this country, shouldn't there be a simply massive bowl for us all parked somewhere on Salisbury plains?