Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Anonymous Satanist

For those not hip to the Catholic theological discussion, the term "anonymous Christian" was posed by Karl Rahner, that darling of the warm and tolerant hippie arm of the One Holy C and A, who said it meant non-Christians who could have "in [their] basic orientation and fundamental decision, accepted the salvific grace of God, through Christ, although [they] may never have heard of the Christian revelation."

You've probably heard it expressed slightly differently, something along the lines of "Well, I'm not really into any particular religion; I'm more spiritual".

It is, in effect, an heretical declaration of rejection of the Church's teaching Extra Ecclesiam... (but what isn't these days?)

(Wiki tells us: "Anonymous Christianity has been regarded as the one theological idea that most shaped the Second Vatican Council. The long ranging impact of this notion influenced the "ecumenism" of Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI." to which I respond, tell us something we don't know. Anyway...)

Here's an interesting and probably considerably more truthful variation on the theme.

The "anonymous satanist", of whome we see so many paragons speaking, for example, in the House of Commons on the right of doctors to murder patients in varying stages of decay.

A priest tells it like it is: "Liberal Catholic" an oxymoron.

Are you a liberal Catholic? Are you a conservative Catholic?

Political terms really have no place in a discourse about the
Church. About her faithful. Because while once can legitimately be liberal
or conservative with regard to politics, what do we really mean when we apply
these terms to the faithful? More often than not, we mean by 'conservative
Catholic', somebody who has the faith. Who believes what he professes. Who's
faithful to the magisterium.

And when we speak of 'liberal Catholic,'...we mean somebody who has lost the
faith. Is a heretic...these liberal Catholics...are nothing other than
anonymous satanists. Someone who doesn't officially belong to the Church
of Satan, they're not enrolled, they don't go once a week but nonetheless,
by their words and their actions they reveal that they are co-workers with
the devil. Collaborators with him, if not positively possessed by the Evil Spirit.

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