Tuesday, February 19, 2008


What if we lived in a world that did not quite work properly? Where human thought was dulled and effort subtly thwarted by clumsiness, carelessness and inattention?

What if we lived in a world in which no music was true, in which every singer was tone deaf and sang slightly off key, every instrument in every orchestra was out of tune with all the others and played slightly out of time, every bird sang a slightly different note from all the other members of its species?

Can you imagine a world in which we spoke but only understood one word in five that was spoken to us? What if we could only communicate one concept in five that comes into our heads?

What if all the buildings in the world were built slightly out of true plumb? If walls of houses did not quite meet each other at the corners?

Life as fallen man is like this and we cannot know since we've only ever known this.

What must it have been like for unfallen man?

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