Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Shirlene Quits

"They're calling me nasty names on the internet!"


A search for the keywords "Shirlene McGovern" comes up with

"Results 1 - 10 of about 4,430 for Shirlene McGovern. (0.29 seconds)"

Shirlene said that she had never been subject to such "public odium" before in her job of interrogating Canadian citizens on their political beliefs behind closed government doors.

I'm sure it has been very traumatic.

In addition, the indispensable Shire News tells us that a woman in Saudi Arabia will have her head cut off after having been found guilty of witchcraft.

"Witchcraft is considered an offence against Islam in Saudi Arabia. It's considered a n offence against common bloody sense where you and I live, but then, we've managed to put remote controlled vehicles on the surface of Mars and these guys still chop people's heads off for possessing supernatural powers. So I guess we'll just have to call it a draw."

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Paulinus said...

My heart bleeds. as they used to say in the Army when colleagues were killed: "Shouldn't have joined if he couldn't take a joke"