Thursday, February 28, 2008

As long as we go down cheery

A great Canadian band.

(All the best Canadian stuff comes from the far eastern end of it. All the little fiddly ones on the end the names of which I didn't learn until I moved there.)


Raindear said...

I love Cape Breton music, a fact not surprising considering my fetish for all things Scottish(the only significant difference between the musical traditions being that one is played in the Old Country and the other in the New).

Anonymous said...

Cape Breton and Newfie music took the whole Celtic thing to new glories, in my opinion. I'll take Great Big Sea over the Chieftains any day.

Raindear said...

The Chieftains are more representative of the Irish tradition than that of Scotland. I prefer "Alasdair Fraser", the "Tannahill Weavers" and "Planxty" myself. However, I must admit that the name "Great Big Sea" means very little to me. I developed a taste for CB music more through attending live performances than by listening to recordings. Do you know "Starboard List"?