Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Global Incidents Map

Having a conversation, the same conversation, with several people lately. It has been noted that there are few people or groups who have not noted that something very large and very dangerous and very frightening is going on in the world, that, moreover, seems to be building up to some gigantic crescendo.

Not all the people with whom I'm having this conversation are Catholics, Traditionalists or even Christians. Or even religious in any way. But the evidence is before us every day. We all know that the "old order" is passing or has passed (depending on how you gauge it) and that something is replacing it. But the consensus seems to be everywhere that the something isn't very nice and isn't as good as the thing it is replacing.

We've had about fifty years of cultural and political and philosophical void (actually the philosophical void has been in place for a lot longer and has caused the rest,) and as we know, nature abhors that sort of thing.

We are primed. We are ripe. We are ready for the harvest.

Found something else today that ought to scare you silly.

the Global Incidents Map. Who's blowing up whom, where.

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