Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Got new doohickey

and loads of pics that I don't have time right now to post. But there's some good stuff coming. Castles. Monasteries. Ruins. English flora and fauna. Giant mushrooms. Miniature horses. Wonders and prodigies.


Meanwhile, I went to the Curry's in Chester today (a shop in which, to my great disappointment when I first arrived, one cannot buy any curry at all), and the guy there was only too happy to show me their full range of gadgets that allow one to go "fully mobile". They've got this thing where you plug the thing into the back of your blackberry and it makes a "virtual keyboard" as a hologram sort of thing that you can actually type on... just like in the movies! And there are teeny weeny laptops that weigh next to nothing that fit into your handbag. And they've got this thing where you plug a thing like a USB stick into the computer and it picks up an internet signal like a mobile phone...

Hoo! I am beginning to like the modern world. Imagine me with a holographic keyboard! Neat!

I will likely need to go mobilissimus soon since, it might as well be announced officially, I'm working on making a semi-permanent/indefinite move to Rome. Probably some time later this winter.

Hooo Boy! Rome!

Life, as Ferris Beueller was wont to say, moves pretty fast.