Friday, August 29, 2008

Desperate makes you stupid, I guess

When Ester Blandford was born, 18 months ago, the Swedish state did all it could to ease her way into the world — and encourage her parents to have even more kids. Her mother, Therese, 29, a children's librarian in the small southern town of Nyhamnsl√§ge, took 15 months off work, most of it at 80% pay, to care for the baby, her first child. She now works part-time. Ester's dad, Christian, also 29, a physical therapist, stays home one day a week to help out. He too gets 80% pay from the state for the day spent with his daughter.

80% for fifteen months?!

A state that is willing to bankrupt itself to try to get it's people to perpetuate the species.

And the result?

A whopping 0.21 increase in the Swedish general fertility rate from totally catastrophic to merely disastrous: 1.5 children per woman in 1999 to 1.71.


That's socialism.