Sunday, August 31, 2008


Huh. Funny. I started this blog on Katrina Day three years ago.

Looks like we're heading into round two.

Officials expressed concern for the rest of the metro area as well, noting that extensive planned improvements to levees and flood walls throughout the city's intricate web of canals and waterways had not yet been completed.

And hey, guess what? A bunch of N'orliners are refusing to leave again. And they've got the same mayor.

Suddenly I feel three years younger.

Is there some reason anyone moved back after Katrina? I think I recall Kathy and others asking, rather pertinently, why a city was built below sea level in Hurricane Alley in the first place (oh yeah, the French...) And once it was totally knocked to smithereens, why, if they were determined to have a New Orleans, they didn't just build a new one futher inland, or perhaps on higher ground?

Can we give a Darwin Award to an entire city?