Saturday, April 12, 2008


Just sent the following note to Steve.

Last night was a big zombie night around here.

I dreamed that I was back in some big city (which I must say is far fetched; I came to Tattenhall specifically to avoid the zombies) with a few friends after The End and we were holed Chuck, in a fortified house, but, naturally, zombies being fairly clever for the undead, they got in and we fled. We took a train "south" and ended up in California somewhere where we found you organising the survivors into an army of sorts. I thought it was odd that you were in California and that I'd recognized you since I remembered that we'd never met (but not, apparently, that I no longer live in North America). I wanted to join your army but you said I had to be in charge of the girly stuff and wouldn't give me a gun.

Well, you were sorry about it later when the zombies staged an ambush...heh. so there. There was some kind of argument, in the midst of this, about the proper way to iron chasubles and I recall that we were somewhat miffed that, although we had a priest with us who would say Mass, there were nothing but ugly N.O. vestments around. The zombies didn't care for the Traditional Mass, I suppose.

When I woke up, I remarked to the cat that zombies can be fun but I would rather fight them in Britain. They can have California, as far as I'm concerned, since they more or less already have it now.

...and no, I don't normally dream about other bloggers, but I do dream quite often about zombies. As does everyone, I guess.

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