Monday, April 28, 2008

Well yeah, but apart from that...

they're a swell bunch of guys right?

Michael Coren - who once called my blog "superb" and me "the most sane and sensible person in the world", so take what he says with a grain or two - talks about Earth Day:
Earth Day [is a] contrived absurdity founded by hateful Marxists, a convicted murderer and a bunch of cliched, bearded activists is irrelevant and should in fact be the one day in the year we try to pollute a little more than is absolutely necessary -- just to annoy them.

...fashionable thinking has reversed the equation. The planet is to be saved because it is precious in itself and we, dangerous intruders, are the problem. Earth is to be revered, loved and even worshipped. Like some perverse replacement theology, Mother Earth takes on the role of real mothers and fathers.

This is why some of the leading spokesmen for the green movement are calling for the world's population to be reduced by 75% and see every birth, particularly in the developed world, as an ecological disaster rather than a living miracle.

H/T to Kathy. (And if you've not yet thrown a quid or two into her tip jar legal defense fund, it's never too late).

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