Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Works for me

"If ever there was a move designed to drive lovers of the old Missal back into the arms of the Lefebvrists, this was it."

The "English" "Catholic" "Church" strikes another blow, albeit an appropriately petty one, against the Faith.

When are we all going to quit pretending that these people represent the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church founded by Christ?

But never mind; haven't I been saying that these people have been staying up nights looking for any tiny little loophole, any way at all, no matter how small, to strike back against a resurgence of the True Faith in these islands? Their revolution has failed, as everyone can see. They gave themselves, their whole lives, their vocations to this colossal betrayal, and now that they are greying and sagging and starting to drool a bit, they realize that they have lost the entire war. I'm sure we should expect a few more of these feebly venomous writhings before they finally lie still. All it really means is that they know it's over.

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Robert said...

Dear Hilary Jane Margaret,
Whenever I am tempted to reaquiesce to the Catholic Church the loathsome cabal of sexual pervets and leftist among the clergy push the idea to the back burner.