Friday, April 18, 2008

Maybe I should change my name

I see that it is becoming clear to more and more people in this country that all that is required to be labeled a 'racist' is to be white.

A white person is a defacto racist.

That this constitutes racism is an observation lost on our "censorious liberal thought police", who are "always on the lookout for new victims to persecute, harass, and vilify".

I refer to the case of Jamie Bauld, a young fellow with Down's Syndrome with the "mental age of a five year-old" who pushed another child. Adverts were placed in local newspapers asking for witnesses to this "racially motivated assault". The other child, you see, was "Asian" (as the British press insists on labeling everyone from Morocco to Kazakhstan to Bangladesh).

"...the eminently sensible gentlemen of the police force decided that it was worth their while to get involved, and questioned Jamie, prior to charging him with assault. According to his mother, Jamie did not understand the questions that the police were asking him, and simply agreed with every accusation put to him, out of a desire to please his interrogators. She adds that, like many children, he does not actually notice racial differences."

But, don't you see? Jamie is white. Nothing else is required.

The police and prosecutors later apologised to Jamie's family.

So that's OK then.

I understand that Irishness is a designated victim category. My mum kept "Doloughan". The only thing is, no one can spell it.


Anonymous said...

Is Irishness still a designated victim category? Someone should ask Hibernia Girl, maybe.

Anonymous said...

20 ways to know you're a racist:

1. If you believe that general intelligence exists, is heritable and at all testable for, you're a racist.
2. If you point out that liberal philosophies and programs intended to have a good impact have had a disproportionately bad impact on the ethnicities targeted by liberals, you're a racist.
3. If you notice that other cultures have some problems, you're a racist.
4. If you notice your own culture has had some successes, you're a racist.
5. If you try to identify subcultural problems, you're a racist. If the problems existed or got worse under liberalism, see item 2, above.
6. If you're mainstream American culture, and don't hate that culture, you're a racist.
7. If you're capable of noting unpleasant facts about subcultures and discussing them without your brain fogging, you're a racist.
8. If you won't kowtow and grovel as soon as someone accuses you of racism for one of the reasons above, you're a hopeless racist.
9. If you do not believe that mankind is a tabula rasa for liberals to make whatever they think would be good to make of man, this week, you're a racist.
10. If you don't take personal responsibility for all the evils of slavery, you're a racist. This is true even if you only arrived from Poland last week.
11. If you're white, you're a racist.
12. If you're white and just arrived from Poland last week and don't accept that you're a racist, you're a racist.
13. If you try to interject logical thought into a discussion of culture, you're a racist.
14. If you refuse to admit culture is a racial matter, and a liberal wants to conflate the two, you're a racist.
15. If you believe that race and culture are indistinguishable and a liberal decides that you shouldn't conflate the two, you're a racist.
16. If you believe that black or hispanic girls who are paid by liberal inspired programs from the age of 13 to have babies will have babies, you're a racist.
17. If you believe that _any_ girls of whatever color who are paid to have babies will then have babies but then, insensitively, observe that a somewhat smaller percentage of white girls do, you're a racist.
18. If it doesn't bother you that the truth offends liberals, you're a racist.
19. If your name is Tom Kratman and you write and in your writing your heroes and heroines tend to be from minorities while your villains are white liberals, you're still a racist.
20. If you read The Bell Curve, you're a racist. On the other hand, if you didn't read it but wrote a scathing review on Amazon anyway you might not be a racist provided you take personal responsibility for 300 years of slavery even if you just arrived from Poland last week.

Anonymous said...

Sooo, Tom,

You've given the matter a little thought huh?

Anonymous said...

Some things, Hillary, one needn't think much about as one is assaulted with them more or less daily.

In any case, that was a crib from something I wrote and posted on Asimovs board some months ago for the express purpose of annoying the lefties there.

Hey, a man's got to have a hobby...

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...


Isn't know...


Anonymous said...

So's Jim Baen but there's still a Baen's Bar. It's a webboard, Hilary, the online extension of Asimov's dead tree science fiction magazine.

The Politics and Religion section is mostly where I hang out there. You might want to look but most of the people there, even the righties, tend to be atheist or agnostic. (No, I'm not.) Though never officially admitted to, there's a fair argument that the P&R section was created expressly for me. Seriously.

If you look, don't expect any terribly insightful religious discussions. That part of the board is mostly political.

Anonymous said...

Too bad. I'd hoped for a second that he'd managed to freeze himself without telling anyone. Or maybe inject his consciousness into the internet...

I've been watching too much SG1 lately.

Anonymous said...

So it would seem...

Mark S. Abeln said...

You can use the pen name Fatima la Blanche. That ought to confuse them.

M. Alexander said...

But it's so helpful to have a last name no one can spell if you have a bunch of arrests for operation rescue. No one can track down your priors or your warrants!