Monday, April 21, 2008

Latest winner of the coveted Orwell's Picnic Make My Point prize of the week

At the Canadian Human Rights Commissions, your interrogator is always holding up three fingers...except when he isn't:
The denial of racism used by so many whites [If you deny being a racist and you're white, you're a racist. "I beat you because you ask why I beat you".] in positions of authority ranging from the supervisor in a work place to the chief of Police and ministers of government must be understood for what it is: an example of White hegemonic power over those considered ‘other’.

Commissioners, investigative staff, legal staff and, in fact, all employees of human rights commissions should have a deeper appreciation of this social phenomenon. The new OHRC policy needs to recognize the role that difference and othering [Ok, I have GOT to start making up my own words like this]and their representation in terms of whiteness and blackness play in the social and cultural institutions of modern societies.


For many modern neo-Marxist theorists, especially those influenced by postmodernist and poststructuralist paradigms, racism is best understood by theorizing about ‘difference’ and ‘othering’. In fact, “the construction of difference” and the “process of assigning value to difference” are central to the understanding not only of racism, but many other forms of oppressive beliefs...

"The denial of racism used by so many whites..."

The first eight words of this little offering from the HRC should be tattooed onto the foreheads of everyone who contributed to the piece of drivel in question.

In fact, we should have T-shirts made up for people to wear at our upcoming Pitchforks n' Torches family picnics.

H/T to Kathy, (of course)


M. Alexander said...

One democratic presidential aspirant, Barack Obama made the mistake of using the line "typical white person" and what the talk show radio hosts are having with that one. Howie Carr is even giving away tee shirts to people who call and explain how they are a "typical white person".

Anonymous said...

It's Newspeak garbage like this that makes people 'racist'. There's only so much denigration anyone will take.

Anonymous said...

Though it does not make me dislike "Asians" or gays or Jamaicans or Indians or Pakistanis any more than I already do, but it surely cranks up my loathing for leftist bureaucrats by orders of magnitude. Maybe they should add themselves to the list. Even though they are almost all white, (with a few token darkie mascots).