Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A slow smile flickered

evilly at the corners of her mouth as she read the morning news.

"Eeeehhhxcellent..." she murmured, reaching for a bell to summon her minion.

"Another cup of tea, please Ivan. And when you've got a moment, a turn or two more of the thumbscrews is due in room seven today I think. I feel like celebrating."

* ~ * ~ *

"Well well well..." she thought, raising a perfectly arched eyebrow, "How very interesting. I wonder which reporter has been sacked for leading with the headline: 'BNP poised for gains in the capital'".

...because the story had been removed from the Telegraph's website. A fragment only remained:
“The Far-Right is on course to make its biggest-ever electoral breakthrough in Britain this week, anti-fascist campaigners have admitted.

The British National Party has focused its efforts on winning a seat on the 25-member London Assembly, which would give it a national profile and a say in the running of the capital. Anti-fascist group Searchlight admits it will “require a Herculean feat” to stop the BNP from winning.

If the BNP succeeds, Richard Barnbrook will be catapulted to fame as the party’s first assembly member. He claims that “asylum seekers and illegal immigrants are engulfing London”, and his policies include banning the Islamic veil on public transport."

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John said...

The Telegraph link is resolving to today's front page. Alas, it is impossible to tell which story brought on the evil smile. . . .