Friday, April 18, 2008

Apparently it's the latest trend in evangelization

"read the book read the book pray pray..."


Anonymous said...

I ran into one on the subway the other day. Or, rather, he ran into me.

Unfortunately he reached his stop before I had a chance to ask him if this fellow Joseph Smith he was talking about was ever married.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Mormons are so cute. There were a bunch doing the rounds in Parkdale a couple of years ago. They came to the door of my flat and though I said I would be happy to chat, I couldn't possibly invite them in since I was the only one home and it would not at all be the done thing to have men in my flat without a chaperone.

I think they thought I was joking.

They later showed up to Vespers at the Orat and looked, to tell the truth, rather bemused by all our Popery.

Anonymous said...

That's funny, in the US they will absolutely not come into your house if you are female and the only chronological adult present. They will hang out on your doorstep indefinitely however. - Karen