Monday, April 14, 2008

The CHRC issues The Rules

Many people are complaining that they can't keep track of what's going on in Canuckistan about that whole Human Rights Tribunal/Dicky Warman/Steyn/Shaidle/Levant thing. Others are confused about what the Canadian Human Rights Commissions are for. Some, like certain rather sweet but inexperienced student pro-life groups, think that a human rights complaint is just the thing when their student union refuses to allow them to hold their little rallies and things. (Next time guys, you should just write a letter of complaint to your local Catholic bishop. I'm sure you'll get much faster attention.)

I just found a place where the CHRC gives us a much better picture. Now we can keep our scorecards more accurately up to date.

Thanks for posting CSB:

(a) No one will ever say, publish, or THINK any idea which could be found discomfiting or offensive to any Muslimist, atheist, homosexualist, or pro-abortionist person, institution, or pet rabbit.

(b) Statute (a) will apply selectively and decreasingly to Jewists, but only if they are liberalists and either atheists or secularists.

(c) If Christianists or pro-life-ists or conservatists (large or small "C") of any persuasion whatever think that any provision of Statute (a) might successfully be applied to them, they are smokin' somethin' and it ain't incense.

(d) Statute (c) goes double for Catholicists, unless they are also liberalists, pro-choicists, and fans of 1960's hymns by Marty Haugen and David Haas.

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