Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Anyone getting fed up with listening to Jean-Paul Oo LaLa telling us how to dress?

Many years ago, I realized that in following The Fashion I was allowing a group of overpaid and over-praised homosexual neurotics tell me what women are supposed to look like. It dawned on me that the clothes they were making were actually designed to flatter the figure of their 15 year-old boyfriends.

I rebelled.

Yesterday, I picked up a very snappy little lambswool cardy, tan of course, from Marks and Spencer. It makes me look very friendly, trustworthy and old fashioned.

Looking for an alternative?

Try here: "A Dress a Day". (But don't forget, those wasp waists don't come naturally.)

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Mark S. Abeln said...

It reminds me of my parent's old photo albums and films. Everyone looked great, and wore perfectly tailored clothing. And these folks weren't wealthy, either: they just spent their money and time prudently.