Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Very Principled

A truly even-handed fair, and non-discriminatory treatment of a problem has proceeded from the mouth of president of the European Union who has said that it would indeed be wrong to consider requests for asylum on the basis of religion.

Quite so.

If only the Muslims who are systematically exterminating Christians in Iraq were equally committed to non-discrimination, what a happy, fair and non-discriminatory world it would be.

From Rorate Caeli:
The German Minister of the Interior, Wolfgang Schäuble, had announced his intention to seek the endorsement of the Member States for facilitating the acceptance of asylum applications submitted by Christians in Iraq, whom he considers to be threatened by sectarian violence within their country...Before the American invasion of 2003, the Christian community in the country had approximately 800,000 members, or about 3% of the majority Muslim population. A large part of them have fled the country or have settled in Iraqi Kurdistan. More than 4,000 applications for asylum have been introduced in Germany by Iraqi refugees in 2007, according to the Interior Ministry, which did not specify their religion.


df said...

I had no idea that Europe could reach such depths of self-loathing. It's so painful to watch. Why don't these Eurocrats just shoot themselves now?

Anonymous said...

Because they want to shoot the rest of us first. Just to make sure.

That's my best guess, at least.