Thursday, April 10, 2008

Novus Ordo Tea

I once gave Steve detailed instructions on how to make a decent cup of tea. It has been a sideline, a hobby, of mine for many years to try to teach Americans what tea is supposed to be like.

Steve was a very appreciative student, but he is, alas, a coffee person to the marrow.

Liturgy is the same way - sloppy liturgy has to be overwhelmed with filler and sweetener to try to get people to put up with it. Good liturgy doesn’t need those things - it’s rich, complex, robust, and subtle, all at the same time.

Anecdotally, I once overheard Fr. William Rutler, as he was preparing to give a talk, making comments on the selection of teas at the refreshment table. A large selection of decaffeinated teas was keeping him from finding what he was looking for, and he exclaimed, “These are all novus ordo teas…I want the Tridentine tea.”


Raindear said...

To whom do you turn for a good cup of the steaming brew? I am an ignorant American, but I enjoy Harney and Sons tremendously.

Steve said...

Nobody has noticed yet that it's Fr. GEORGE William Rutler, not simply Fr. William.

I'm a numbskull. Probably because I've been cutting back on caffeine...

Raindear said...

Addressed to the Great Void...How many comments does it take to elicit a response from Hilary?