Monday, April 14, 2008

The Muslim-occupied churches of Europe

The church of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, Brussels

From the indispensable Brussel's Journal:

Altar of Our Lady of Sorrows

a confessional.

Are we there yet?

And if not, how much further can we watch the Islamic occupation and desecration of our Catholic patrimony? How much longer can we stand by watching the smiling hierarchy holding the door open for these savages to squat [literally] in our most sacred sites?

" Florence, [Orianna Felacci's] hometown, in 1999. As a political protest, Moslems erected a tent on Cathedral Square and lived in it for 3 ½ months. Fallaci describes their behaviour, including how they would piss and shit on the church. She shows you that they were exhibiting not a mere lack of respect for her culture, but out-and-out contempt and disdain.

But people are afraid to react because if you criticise or object to their actions, you will be accused of being a racist. And everyone in Europe is afraid to be labelled a racist.

Fallaci wonders how so many Moslems get to Europe, and where they get the money. She wonders if they are being funded – sent over by “some Ousama Bin Ladin for the mere purpose of establishing the Reverse Crusade’s settlements and better organising Islamic terrorism.”

I'd just like to note: I'm starting to be quite keen on being called a 'racist'.

H/T to Kathy


Anonymous said...

You see, this is what you get when you ordain homosexuals.

Steve said...

I'd just like to note: I'm starting to be quite keen on being called a 'racist'.

If this is what it takes to be called one, sign me up too.

Anonymous said...

It is, Steve, I'm fairly certain. Hilary, have you yet read this interesting piece by Fjordman?

At the risk of gratuitous self-promotion, I wrote a little something a while back which may be vaguely relevant. The handful of interested parties can read it here.