Thursday, October 21, 2010

Where do we start?

The author of an in-depth religious study on The Simpsons says that the official Vatican newspaper had misinterpreted his work as meaning the famous cartoon family was Catholic.

You heard it here, folks. La Civilta Catholica and the Jesuits think it is a worthy thing to spend their time doing in-depth religious studies of the Simpsons.

You can't make it up.



Ingemar said...

I remember Bart suggesting the family become Catholic so they can get "Communion wafers and booze."

And they have that handy dandy hour or less long Novus Ordo Ma....wait.

Sean M. Brooks said...

Yo, Hilary Jane!

I agree, in depth analyses if of junk like the Simpsons are not worth anyone's time. Bah!

But, as a fan of the works of the late Poul Anderson, I've done my share of minutely scrutinizing his books. Both in letters I actually wrote to Anderson and with other fans. And I've enjoyed reading whole books of commentary on the Middle Earth mythos of Tolkien.

So, I suppose I'm no better than the guys commenting on the Simpsons! (Wry smile)

Sincerely, Sean

HJMW said...

Poul Anderson is a serious writer of real literature.

And Tolkien? Are you serious? Can you even utter his name in the same breath as the Simpsons?

Sean M. Brooks said...

Hi, Hilary Jane!

Oops! Shocking,I know, mentioning the sainted Tolkien in the same breath as the vile Simpsons! I abase myself humbly before you, imploring your pardon! (Ha!

Been doing a lot of rereading and commenting on various of Anderson's books the last few months. Reading books like THE HIGH CRUSADE, INCONSTANT STAR, and THE LONG NIGHT.

Sincerely, Sean